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Boysenberry Gin? We made it!

We made a Vodka! Find out more
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Blush Gin, Drink Local Be Social, try our twist on the classic Gin and Tonic, meet Ben the brains behind the Rhubarb Rendevous. $10 Blush Gin all ways.

Come celebrate the #ginjubilee2018 festival at Cork Gin and Whisky Bar, there are only a few days left to try our creation, the Jubilee ends 14/4  So head down over the weekend or even after work for a cheeky tipple and show your support, invite and share with your friends, let’s have a bit of fun #BlushGinNZ

Vote for Blush Gin, Voting is easy, simply follow East Imperial on Instagram, post a picture of your Blush Gin & Tonic and tag us. Be sure to add the bar’s name @corkbarnz to your post and use the official hashtag: #GinJubilee2018 #BlushGinNZ @corkbarnz @BlushGinNZ who knows, we could end up in Singapore, Cheers!


10 Must Try New Zealand Gins for 2018

You’ve probably heard Gin is the next new thing. People are comparing it to Craft Beer. It’s massive in London and exploding across the UK. Right next door we have Melbourne which has its own Gin Festival – Junipalooza. So what about New Zealand?

Did you know that there are currently 68 different Gins produced in New Zealand? Probably not, as most people don’t.

If you do have a bit of an interest in Gin, and are a little curious, then here is a what’s hot and interesting among all these new New Zealand made Gins.

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Featured in Dish Mag 

“Fans of sour vegetables and botanical booze rejoice”

Featured in Restaurant and Cafe Top Drops section

“This is stunning, ideal drink for summer, try it over ice with a sprig of mint”



Featured in The Shout, New On Shelf

“A truly memorable Gin”