Beautiful fresh Boysenberries infused with hand crafted New Zealand Gin,
this is our second Gin release and we are very proud!

Soft and smooth Blush Boysenberry is a little different, this is the first Boysenberry Gin the world has ever seen. We feel this is a uniquely kiwi twist on a beautiful Gin.

We’re serious about making a quality Gin, it’s triple distilled, hand crafted and batch infused. From the flavour to the bottling and labeling every detail has had attention paid to it. There is something to be said for being locally made.

We aim to tickle your taste buds, try Blush over ice and top up with your favourite mixer. We recommend the Fever Tree Mediterranean. Someone said it would be dangerously good over ice cream too? We do love a good Boysenberry ripple .

Some sediment may occur over time, we filter lightly after the Boysenberry infusion to keep all the berry flavour in the bottle! Keep away from direct sunlight.
Drink Local, Be Social #BlushGinNZ